NPD: It’s Now a Mobile Gamer’s World

NPD Group today published a new report showing that mobile gamers now represent the largest gamer segment.

The study indicates that there are an estimated 211.5 million gamers in the U.S. that play video games today.

The size of key gamer segments are shifting, with mobile gamers now representing the largest gamer segment, edging out Core Gamers, which was the largest segment in 2011.

“While this study segments the gaming audience based on a number of key variables and attributes, looking across the total gaming audience we see a tremendous impact from mobile gaming, particularly on smartphones and tablets,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst at NPD Group. “Because of this, our next study, which will be released later this month, takes a deeper look into the area of mobile gaming.”

Game purchasers reported spending an average of $48 on physical games and $16 on digital games-PC/console/portable in the past three months. Core Gamers spent $65 on physical games over the same time period; this is more than any other gamer segment.

To learn more about “Gamer Segmentation 2012: The New Faces of Gamers,” check out the official NPD website here.