Now We’re Cooking! Kraft and Meredith Team Up for Email Marketing

Now We're Cooking Kraft and Meredith Team Up for Email MarketingThere’s a foodie culture movement going on, in case you haven’t noticed. Some days, half of a person’s Facebook feed can contain recipes from both users and advertisers.

Now Meredith Corp. — a company that has traditionally specialized in banner ads in its multi-million run email newsletters — has embraced native advertising. So those recipes may be arriving soon — in your email inbox.

The recent team up features Kraft Foods as the firm’s flagship advertiser. Together, Meredith and Kraft are bringing native to email.

Too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing (so they say), but two? Looks like a recipe for success to many.

“Native has been big on our radar over the last year. We’ve been thinking how do we integrate our advertisers with our editorial content,” said Andy Wilson, SVP and Chief Digital Officer at Meredith. “We have high engagement rates with our email and we knew there was lots of opportunity there.”

“Kraft already has significant digital reach of its own with one of the biggest food sites, giant email newsletter lists, and deep presence on social media,” according to a story in Marketing Land.

“We have over 96 percent household penetration, but it’s important for us to think about how to extend that across all of our brands and stay in touch and engage with consumers,” said Dana Shank, associate director at Kraft Foods, who oversees partnerships and online of Kraft North America’s CRM assets.

“We have seen our own content have much better engagement than ads, which are already high,” she explained, “and we were thinking about the value of content, especially in email, and thinking about ways to extend that with other publications.”

For two weeks, the marketing campaign served up six Kraft recipes in Meredith’s daily email. The mailing highlights recipes targeted by theme.

Nearly 66% of U.S. marketers indicate they plan to increase native advertising budgets in 2015. Now it looks like a hefty helping of native combined with email could be a winning blue plate special.