Now There’s Some Pep: ZOG Digital’s Mobile Campaigns Up Revenue for Pep Boys 62 Percent

Now There's Some Pep ZOG Digital’s Mobile Campaigns Up Revenue for Pep Boys 62 PercentLooks like ZOG Digital knows how to put some pep into Pep Boys marketing.

ZOG Digital is a well known digital marketing and technology company. It partnered with Pep Boys “to launch a hyper-engaged mobile search campaign that attributed calls from search ads to revenue from brick-and-mortar stores,” according to a statement emailed to MMW. “Localized ads tracked calls and appointments scheduled from paid search campaigns to Pep Boys’ nearby towing and service centers.”

Pep Boys is the leading U.S. automotive aftermarket chain with more than 7,500 service bays in 35 states and Puerto Rico.

ZOG Digital’s results quickly exceeded expectations, driving an influx of calls to Pep Boys locations nationwide and increasing mobile ROAS by 28 percent just two weeks after launch.

“During that same time, scheduled appointments increased by over 17 percent, resulting in a 62 percent growth in appointment revenue from mobile campaigns,” according to the statement. “Overall, these campaigns attributed in-store revenue to digital campaigns, generated additional revenue streams from mobile advertising, and expanded online exposure for Pep Boys. Additional paid search campaigns, including Google Beta programs, helped ZOG Digital further connect paid search tactics to revenue generated from brick-and-mortar stores.”