Nothing Rotten in Denmark: Young Danes Gravitate to Mobile

Nothing Rotten in Denmark Young Danes Gravitate to MobileWhen it comes to converting to mobile access, there’s nothing rotten in Denmark. In fact, prospects are quite rosy.

Denmark’s committed internet users are rapidly converting to mobile access. In a study conducted by Statistics Denmark in Q2 2014, 2.1 million 16-to-89-year-old internet users in the country said they went online via a mobile device every day.

That’s an increase of 800,000 people since 2012. In total, the share of respondents who said they were daily mobile web users jumped from 29 percent to 46 percent between 2012 and 2014, according to data from eMarketer.

While growth in mobile web access has been substantial across all age groups, the biggest increases were logged among people in the 16-to-24 age group; that demographic penetration rose from 54 percent to 78 percent in just two years.

Among those ages 45 to 54, daily usage nearly doubled, from 24 percent to 47 percent.

“Online activities, including social networking, reading the news, email and internet banking, are transferring to mobile platforms at different rates, Statistics Denmark reported,” according to the post. “In fact, all these things were more likely to be carried out on a computer than on a mobile device, but consumers were understandably happier to visit social sites or check the news via mobile than to do their banking on a smaller screen.”

Denmark — like other places around the globe — shows clearly the correlation between mobile activity and smartphone ownership rates. The country currently has the second-highest level of smartphone usage in Western Europe, eMarketer estimates. In fact, Danish smartphone user penetration is expected to lap current first place Norway by 2017.