Nothing Else Matters But This App

If you own an Android smartphone, then nothing else but this app matters. This app, of course, happens to be the AVG Antivirus app, and when it comes to keeping your phone safe and secure from viruses and theft, there’s absolutely nothing better. This Android antivirus stands out from the pack of other virus protection apps simple because it goes above and beyond, extending its protection to your privacy and even your storage and battery life by implementing several key programs.

Your phone doesn’t just make calls or send texts – it does almost countless things to make your life easier. Therefore, you should expect your Free Android antivirus app not to specialize in one thing, either. AVG is the best of the best because it gives you absolutely everything you need to keep your phone safe and secure, such as:

  • The ability to locate your phone remotely through Google Maps if it’s stolen or lost.
  • Website and Wi-Fi scanning that helps to prevent your device from getting viruses or your information from being accessed without your express permission.
  • An easy-to use program that scans for and removes any common viruses that’ve already taken up residence in your phone in no time at all.
  • App-locking, which helps you to lock down any apps that might contain sensitive information to keep prying eyes away from your data.
  • The option to completely wipe your phone’s SD card and restore it to factory settings, so you can keep your information out of the wrong hands even if you can’t relocate your phone.

The AVG Antivirus application can offer you and your phone these benefits and many, many more. The best part about this must-have app is that it’s completely free. While there are certainly some option in-app purchases, the most amazing (and important) parts of the installation won’t cost you a dime, and can seriously make using your phone a safer experience all around.