Nordstrom on Mobile


Quick Site Description:
Nordstrom’s mobile site.

First Impression:
The site is fashionable, just like its namesake. It looks good and works well.

What’s Here:
Fashion Spotlight, Fashion Alerts, Downloads and a Store Locator.

Ease of Use / Find Stuff Factor:
Finding what is here is very easy and the graphic navigation is a highlight of the site.

Best Part(s):
The strong graphics make this a fun site to explore. It is also good that they have Fashion Alerts so that their visitors are encouraged to sign up for more contact.

Room for Improvement:
The store locater lists stores, but doesn’t give click-to-call links to the phone numbers or include links to a map to easily find the stores. Both of these items are very easy to include and make the site a lot better for the user.

Nordstrom is known for their customer service. A customer service page would be a good match for their mobile site. They could market that any customer anywhere can reach Nordstrom’s legendary customer service.

Where Customers Would Use It:
There is not a clear reason for someone to use the Nordstrom mobi site except for the store locator.

Take Away Lessons:

If you are going to have someone change applications (from the mobile web to texting) make it be for a good reason. On, there is an option to get help by texting HELP to their short code. The response text is about the text alerts and gives an email address and a toll free number for help. Putting the phone number directly on the mobile site would be better because the user wouldn’t need to leave the browser, open the messaging window and then get back help that could have been found on the mobile site.

In the Fashion Spotlight there is a call to action to go to their blog at First of all, this link should not be a graphic, it should be a clickable link – and it should click to the Nordstrom mobile MySpace site.

3 out of 5 stars.