Nokia To Overshadow The iPhone? Not So Fast.

Nokia’s new N97 smart phone is certainly turning heads. But does the iPhone still have a leg up on the competition?

I think so.

Although it won’t officially go on the market until 2009, a video demonstration of the phone is now on CNET News as well as on CNET TV.

Although it’s sad that every touch-screen phone that comes out is compared to Apple’s iPhone, it’s easy to understand. Yet its still not easy to overshadow the king.

Despite its whopping total of 48 gigabytes of potential storage and a 5-megapixel camera and video recorder, the phone seems like a ramped up version of other smartphones rather than “a ground-breaking new touch-screen device” that could make everyone forget the iPhone.

Although I am reluctant to bash a phone I have not personally held, from afar I’m not overwhelmingly impressed and can’t foresee this device rocking the market and living up to the hype. To be fair, there are a few pivotal features that the N97 offers that the iPhone doesn’t. The Nokia Web browser, for instance, on the N97 supports Flash and Flash video, which Apple’s Safari browser doesn’t.

Am I alone in my tentative embrace of the N97 or just a bleeding-heart lover of the iPhone?