Nokia Making a Comeback? Judging By This Infographic, the Answer is Yes

For those of us in the US, smartphones are dominated by iOS and Android, but for the rest of the world Nokia continues to be a major player.  Still the company has taken a backseat to Apple and Google in recent years, but new data out from mobile monetization provider Inneractive suggests the company might be working on a major comeback.

The industry and journalists alike have been impressed with the latest Windows Phone devices coming from Nokia lately, even so-called iOS and Android fanboys, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have an easy time rising back to the top.  Looking at recent mobile ad impressions, however, shows massive growth in usage.  Starting in February of this year, mobile ad impressions stemming from Nokia devices have shown double-digit growth each and every month, which is substantial considering it was double-digit declines leading up to February.

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