Nokia Exploring Flagship New Smartphone?

One day after Nokia announced fourth quarter earnings and revealed its abandonment of Symbian, new reports indicate that Nokia is gearing up for a significant endeavor in the smartphone arena.

“During our transition to Windows Phone through 2012, we continued to ship devices based on Symbian,” the company announced Thursday. “The Nokia 808 PureView, a device which showcases our imaging capabilities and which came to market in mid-2012, was the last Symbian device from Nokia.”

Instead, a new flagship smartphone may be on the horizon.

The Verizon exclusive handset – codenamed Laser – will “be a variant” of Nokia’s Lumia 920, but according to The Verge, Nokia’s device “will be put on the same playing field” as Verizon’s other flagship devices like Apple’s iPhone.

Sources have revealed that Microsoft is planning to back Verizon’s Nokia Laser device heavily. We’re told that the Laser will be a flagship device for Verizon, meaning the operator will market it alongside rival top tier devices. Microsoft is said to be investing marketing dollars to push the Laser when it debuts later this year

Nokia was asked for comment but declined.