Nokia Delivers NAVTEQ Maps to BMW

Nokia confirmed today that it is going to deliver global NAVTEQ Maps to power the next generation BMW navigation system.

Most excitingly, NAVTEQ maps are launching on the BMW 7-series. The new system will introduce drivers to innovative new features and content including visual guides like Enhanced 3D City Models and Motorway Junction Objects.

BMW’s Eco Pro Route even generates the most fuel efficient route for you to take.

Eco Pro Route leverages a range of NAVTEQ Map content to select routes which reduce fuel consumption by avoiding congestion and steep hills etc. In addition, data such as historical speed patterns, traffic signals, stop signs, driver alerts, bends and slopes is used to highlight key road conditions ahead which could influence driving speed.

With advance warning, drivers can minimize the number of stops and starts and generally drive more smoothly at the most fuel efficient speeds.

“NAVTEQ Maps powered the first navigation system on the European market which was introduced by BMW in the early 1990s – and our relationship has continued throughout the extraordinary development and expansion of the location space,” says Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development at Nokia Location & Commerce. “Today, our goal is to understand and anticipate driver needs and demands and deliver the right products at the right time. We have the content, platform and services available to support BMW as the company continues to innovate.”