Nokia Closes Free Developer Programs

Nokia is officially closing its free Nokia Developer Launchpad Program and invitation-only Developer Pro Program.

In their places will be a new premium effort costing users $99 for a one year subscription.

“Nokia is announcing that we are in the process of refreshing our developer programs to focus more tightly on our core platforms, Windows Phone and Series 40,” Nokia announced in a statement Wednesday. “As a result, we are not currently accepting new applications for Nokia Developer Launchpad and Nokia Developer Pro programs… [Launchpad] applications which have been submitted but not yet processed will not be processed.”

Not surprisingly, Nokia is being pelted by no shortage of questions regarding future plans and program changes. But, for now, Nokia isn’t providing as many answers as some would prefer.

“While we can’t comment on unannounced programs, our commitment to our developer community remains strong. You can expect to see new program offerings in the near future that will be of even more value to our developers than the current programs,” Nokia says.

For the time being, Nokia recommends that developers join its Premium Developer Program and stayed tuned for future announcements and developments.