No Truth to Amazon Kindle Fire HD Fire Sale?

Tech Crunch and Business Insider are at odds in their reporting Wednesday.

This afternoon, Tech Crunch reported that Amazon may soon introduce a $99 Kindle Fire HD, which would undercut the entry price point of Apple’s market leading iPad.

Although it was instantly clear that a $99 Kindle Fire HD might be an offer too good to refuse for would-be tablet buyers, the deal itself was what is ultimately too good to be true.

That’s according to Business Insider, which is rebutting the assertions made by Tech Crunch today.

A representative for the online retail giant denies that a $99 Kindle Fire HD is on the way.

“It’s not happening–we are already at the lowest price points possible for that hardware,” an Amazon spokesperson was quoted.

So who is correct? Business Insider or TechCrunch? Time will only tell what Amazon does in the increasingly competitive tablet market.

Check out Business Insider’s report here and TechCrunch’s report here.