No Go for Yahoo Go in 2010

Yahoo is planning to bid farewell to its Yahoo Go mobile application in early 2010.

For three years, Yahoo Go has served as Yahoo’s all-in-one native app for our favorite Yahoo services on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian phones.

Famous for its simple and efficient access to the broad range of mobile offerings like search, messaging, news, etc., it seems Yahoo is letting go of Go in order to direct more energy and resources to the development of its mobile web efforts.

“In the past 18 months, browser quality has been increasing at an accelerated rate,” Yahoo’s global head of mobile product marketing Adam Taggart says. “We’ve doubled down on our mobile web strategy.”

This week, Yahoo Go users will be notified by email of the company’s decision. In the email, Yahoo will direct Go users to the mobile site.

Yahoo says it will end Go support beginning January 12th.