No Bots About It: The Bot Revolution Sweeping Across Social Media

No Bots About It: The Bot Revolution Sweeping Across Social MediaThe social media bot revolution is now underway. And the folks at a company called imperson are among those leading the charge.

This week, MMW learned that imperson is releasing of its enterprise platform,, “for creating, testing, deploying and managing conversational bots across Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack, Twitter, Amazon Echo, SMS and more.”

What does it all mean exactly?

With, brands and agencies can access a suite of professional tools for building conversational bots that have intent, relationship memory, personality, and natural learning capabilities.

According to the company, imperson’s conversational bots have engaged in promoting, qualifying and selling products and services to audiences.

The launch of will give digital agencies access to the most advanced technology for creating and managing multiple conversational bots with unique personalities and iniatitives.

“We see enormous potential in the fast-growing bot market,” said Erez Baum, co-founder and CEO of imperson. “The current bot experience is still very primitive, with menu-driven experiences that don’t allow brands to differentiate their voices from one another. The release of our new platform will enable creative people in brands and digital agencies to create richer and deeper bot experiences that can converse with consumers one-on-one to develop a more engaging relationship.”