Nissan LEAF Wows with Android, BlackBerry Based Smartphone Controls

Nissan North America, Inc. is wowing both the environmentally conscious and the technologically savvy with its latest creation – a free Nissan LEAF Android and BlackBerry app.

What’s so special about another smartphone app, you ask? This one communicates with and offers up controls for your “green” car.

Following suit with the mission of all Nissan products, the app provides bold and innovative technology for Nissan LEAF owners to manage and control many frequently used vehicle features directly from their smartphone.

Among the more notable monitoring and control mechanisms are:

  • Monitor the charge of your car battery
  • Begin charging
  • Monitor the status of the car charging process
  • View estimated driving range
  • Adjust or turn on/off the vehicle’s climate control system

“The application is available to anyone with a Nissan LEAF, an active CARWINGS subscription, or an interest in better understanding the Nissan LEAF as a pioneer in electric vehicles,” Nissan says.

“Nissan understands that telematics and other communication services are important for consumers,” said Trisha Jung, director, Vehicle Connected Services, Nissan North America. “By providing accessibility and functionality to the Nissan LEAF through all major smartphone platforms, we are truly delivering ‘Innovation for All.'”