Nine Out of Ten New Smartphone Purchases Are iOS or Android Powered

Perhaps the word “dominant” even fails to adequately describe the lock iOS and Android have on the smartphone market today.

According to a new report on the Nielsen Wire Friday, smartphone penetration grew further during Q2 2012. All told, 54.9 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers owned smartphones by the close of June 2012.

“This growth is driven by increasing smartphone purchases,” Nielsen says, adding that 2 out of 3 Americans who acquired a new mobile phone in the last three months chose a smartphone.

Remarkably, approximately 90% of all smartphone purchases during Q2 were either for an iOS or Android device.

As of this report, Android is hanging on to its lead in the U.S. smartphone market. 51.8% of smartphone users now have an Android device while 34.3% of smartphone owners have an Apple iPhone.

“Blackberry owners represented another 8.1 percent of the smartphone market,” the Nielsen data showed.

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