Nimble Announces Integration with Dropbox to Improve CRM Workflow

Nimble Announces Integration with Dropbox to Improve CRM WorkflowNimble has officially announced its integration with the popular file-sharing application Dropbox.

The social business relationship management company will enabling users of both platforms to attach files from their Dropbox accounts directly to Nimble¹s Contact Records and Deals.

The Dropbox integration emphasizes Nimble¹s ability to unify all communications and documents related to a contact in one place for easy viewing.

“This is a much-requested, customer-driven improvement to our popular platform,” said Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of Nimble. “And no wonder ­ our users already understand the ease, safety, and convenience of Dropbox. This integration makes it a snap for Nimble users to associate files with any contact record or deal through a trusted and familiar source, so that the team has a complete view of important data connected with that contact.”

Rather than sending documents via email, users bring content directly from Dropbox into projects and workflows in Nimble’s web app.

Files are attached to any Nimble Contact Record or Deal as part of the familiar tab-based Nimble workflow, ensuring critical business context, and enabling collaborative communication within teams, Nimble says. The attached documents are then publicly available to Nimble account users and include a timestamp and user name.

“The new integration makes it possible for teams to have a complete view of important data connected with each of their contacts, so as a sale progresses, team members can quickly see what documentation has already been sent to the contact,” Ferrara adds. “This provides all parties ­ the prospect, customer and teammates ­ with the full picture of the conversation, which helps increase efficiency, organization and productivity.”