Nielsen Takes on ‘Viewability Challenge’

CHARLES_NIELSEN_2546_2On Wednesday, Nielsen announced that clients can choose a viewability provider within Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to create “viewable, human, demographic ad measurement” that best supports their digital ad campaign goals.

The news release quoted above notes further that by equipping clients with “greater flexibility,” Nielsen can help marketers more easily validate the exposure of their digital campaigns and enabling media publishers and platforms to best optimize their digital inventory.

In recent years, the digital ad industry has begun to shift away from served impressions toward viewable impressions as the basis for validated delivery of digital ad campaigns. At the same time, advertisers and agencies are demanding greater assurances that an ad has been delivered with the opportunity to be seen by the intended audience.

“The marketplace is using a variety of viewability thresholds and providers, so we are giving clients the flexibility to understand how delivery varies and optimize accordingly,” said David Wong, Senior Vice President of Digital Product Leadership at Nielsen. “Viewability and fraud are critical industry issues, and we are working with leading technology companies to provide the measurement that our clients demand.”

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