Nielsen Says Smartphone App Possession Is Up 28% in 2012

On Wednesday, venerable market research firm Nielsen reported on the state of smartphone app ownership in the United States.

And the findings are particularly telling when it comes to how much smartphone owners love their myriad, must-have apps.

“Roughly a year ago when we summarized the state of smartphones at the Appnation conference,” reads the Nielsen Blog, “less than 40 percent of mobile subscribers in the U.S. had smartphones. Today, one in two mobile subscribers has a smartphone and that figure is moving steadily upwards.”

Without question, the mobile app has become such a staple of smartphone usage that the number of apps that now populate the typical smartphone has spiked tremendously.

“By most measures,” the firm goes on to say, “it has been the year of the App once again, driven mostly by the rise of Android and iOS users who have more than doubled in a year and account for 88 percent of those who have downloaded an app in the past 30 days.”

According to Nielsen, in just one year’s time, the “average number” of apps per smartphone has climbed 28% from 32 apps to 41.

Along with greater app ownership, Nielsen finds, users are also spending more time using their apps and more money to acquire them.