Nielsen Reports Shows Fickle iPhone, Android Preferences Among Smartphone Buyers

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… which is the top smartphone of them all?

According to The Nielsen Company’s monthly survey of US mobile consumers from July-September 2010, consumers expressing interest in purchasing a new smartphone illustrated a tightly contested preference.

During the timeframe in which the study was conducted, 33% of prospective buyers wanted an Apple iPhone. 26%, meanwhile, said they desired a device with the Google Android operating system. Only 13% said they wanted a RIM Blackberry.

“But consumer preferences can be fickle,” the report notes, as completely different preferences were expressed between January 2011 – March 2011.

The latest data shows shows 31% of consumers who plan to get a new smartphone now place Android on top of their preferred wish list. Apple’s iOS dipped to 30% and RIM Blackberry touched down lower at 11%.

“Almost 20 percent of consumers are unsure of what to choose next,” the Nielsen survey revealed.

As of March 2011, 37% of mobile consumers who owned a smartphone had a device with an Android OS. Apple’s iOS, claimed by 27% of consumers, is now outpacing Blackberry, which has 22% of the market.

To read the full report from Nielsen, click here.