Nielsen Data Reveals Mobile App Patterns and Preferences

Based on the findings of a new Nielsen report, mobile games are more popular than ever among smartphone owners – particularly those with Apple’s iPhone.

According to Nielsen, 93 percent of app downloaders are willing to pay for the games they play on their mobile devices. As a result, games hold firm as the top app category.

By comparison, entertainment apps capture 87% of the paying crowd, with productivity apps and maps/navigation/search apps each grabbing 84%.

Food apps, meanwhile, are popular enough to pay for among 77% of downloaders. 76% of downloaders are willing to pay for news apps.

Among smartphone consumers who have played mobile games in the past 30 days, those with iPhones, Windows 7 phones or Android phones are the most likely to have downloaded the games they played, while those with Blackberry phones or featurephones tend to play pre-loaded games.

Nielsen finds that the average mobile gamer plays an average of 7.8 hours a month. If you have an iPhone, however, you’re probably playing twice as much.

“Those with iPhones tend to play around 14.7 hours each month while those with Android smartphones play around 9.3 hours per month,” the report reveals.

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