Nielsen Data Points to Continued Android Dominance in the US Smartphone Market

Google’s Android operating system isn’t backing down amid growing competition within the US smartphone market.

Android now represents 39 percent of the US smartphone ownership market as of June 2011. That information comes from the latest Nielsen data.

The data largely backs up the claims made three weeks ago by Google CEO Larry Page, who says Android-powered devices are being activated to the tune of 550,000 units a day.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS remains in second with a somewhat distant 28 percent, with Research In Motion’s ever-struggling BlackBerry rounding out the top three at 20 percent.

“Because Apple is the only company manufacturing smartphones with the iOS operating system, it is clearly the top smartphone manufacturer in the United States,” the brief report states.

Microsoft fans remain perpetually befuddled by their chosen handset’s difficulty in gaining momentum within the smartphone market. Windows Phone/Windows Mobile now represents only 9 percent of the market according to Nielsen.

To read the full report from Nielsen, click here.