‘NICE’ Job: NICE Systems Tapped as Best Video Analytics Solution

'NICE' Job NICE Systems Tapped as Best Video Analytics SolutionNICE Systems announced this week that it is the winner of a 2015 Airport, Seaport, Border Security award from Government Security News (GSN).

NICE Suspect Search was recognized as the Best Video Analytics Solution in the surveillance systems category.

If you’re not familiar, NICE Suspect Search is a video analytics technology that can “quickly locate and retrace the movements of a suspect, lost child, or other person of interest within a video surveillance network.”

Video footage from different cameras and time frames can be reviewed in just minutes, as the system automatically filters out 95 percent of irrelevant images. In addition to achieving faster response times, organizations are able to restore normal operations quicker following a breach to a sensitive area.

“NICE Systems has been a frequent winner in GSN’s homeland security awards, and we’re very pleased to extend the recognition to the company’s technological excellence in the domain of airport, seaport and border security,” says Adrian Courtenay, CEO of World Business Media, LLC, which publishes Government Security News. “NICE Suspect Search stands out for its practical application of video analytics to significantly minimize search times to enhance security and overall operations.”

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