NFL’s Denver Broncos Look to Score with iPad Playbook

We’ve all seen the hefty, 500-page paper playbooks that players, coaches, and other staff lug around the sidelines and away from the field as they prepare for the next big game and the season ahead.

Well, according to a report today in the Denver Post, a good number of trees will be spared this season thanks to the efforts by the Denver Broncos to go high-tech in a big hurry.

This season, the team will hand out iPads that feature the week’s game plan, scouting reports, video clips and other relevant data.

To date, only two other NFL teams – the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers — have tossed the traditional printed playbook in order to embrace the tablet revolution.

And the move could benefit the team substantially.

According to today’s report, now when Broncos head coach John Fox adds a play, “the update will be pushed automatically to the playbook app on each player’s iPad.”

“The advantage is that when they leave the building, they can take everything home with them very easily and watch tape at night and review the game plan installation,” said Broncos general manager Brian Xanders. “This is their full-time job — to prepare and do whatever they can to help us win each week.”