NFC World Alliance Forged by Mobile Marketers

The “NFC World Alliance” sounds like a professional wrestling organization. But mobile marketers aren’t taking on the WWE. Instead, they’re taking on the obstacles and challenges that presently inhibit the unbridled growth of near field communications technology.

Three mobile marketing organizations are leading the charge for NFC’s development as a mainstream mobile marketing tool across the globe. They have joined forces to form the NFC World Alliance.

No steel cages involved.

The collaboration, composed of Blue Bite (America’s region), Proxama (EMEA region) and Tapit (Asia-Pacific region), has been formed to create an efficient and trusted network of NFC specialists helping brands across the world to better connect with their target audiences, the parties announced in a joint press release.

The three companies have already completed numerous successful marketing campaigns demonstrating the effectiveness of NFC for major global clients in their respective markets, and plan to bring their deployment experience, technological expertise and strategic partnerships to both consumers and brands worldwide.

Using NFC as the primary enabler, the Alliance has a vision to revolutionize the way people use their mobile phones by simplifying the delivery of content and enhancing the interaction with the physical world around them. While past campaigns have focused on the exchange of information, special offers and content between the brands and consumers, future uses will include more integration with social media and the ability to make purchases at virtually any Out-Of-Home media asset.

“There are many other benefits of the alliance such as rapid information sharing between the three members in relation to advances in NFC technology and the application of it globally when connecting brands to their customers,” says Jamie Conyngham, CEO of Tapit.