NFC Inbound for iPhone 6

NFC Inbound for iPhone 6Although Apple’s iPhone 6 has taken a back seat in the headlines this summer to more interesting rumors pertaining to the company’s long-awaited iWatch, iPhone 6 will likely surprise many consumers when it’s unveiled next week along with a vast array of snazzy new features and capabilities.

Chief among the new bells and whistles is that which is made possible by Dutch chipmaker NXP. The company is said to be behind iPhone 6’s NFC capabilities.

Apple has reportedly been interested in NFC since Steve Jobs was still the CEO. But only now is Apple finally ready to embrace Near Field Communications technology.

“Apple has been actively involved in making payments more convenient and streamlined for consumers who use its device,” James Wester, IDC practice director for Worldwide Payment Strategies, said last week. “Apple’s unique role as a device manufacturer, OS provider, and online retailer means Apple has the ability to impact the way payments evolve like few other companies. Merchants, issuers, processors, and other payment stakeholders will need to understand that impact and begin adjusting their investments and strategies accordingly.”