Nexage Launches Real-Time Bidding Exchange For Mobile Web & App Advertising Inventory

Mobile advertising solutions provider Nexage today announced the launch of its new RTB Exchange, a real-time bidding platform that makes mobile web and application inventory available to real-time bidding-enabled ad sources on an impression-by-impression basis.

The new platform provides unique media-buying algorithms and allows RTB-enabled ad sources access to mobile inventory according to their individual business needs.  Put simply, it’s an auction-style bidding platform that optimizes publisher and developer revenue by exposing individual impressions to multiple ad sources at once, creating a competitive environment for each impression and driving up eCPMs.  At the same time, the platform allows RTB-enabled ad sources to access mobile web and application inventory at scale, enabling them to expand their media portfolio with targetable, rich media-ready mobile inventory.

“We were very interested in making our inventory available on an RTB-enabled platform,” said Jonathan Gamble, EVP, Commercial & Sales at “We know that there are a lot of dollars flowing into real-time bidding, and Nexage RTB Exchange was the right solution for us to get access to those dollars because it supports both our mobile web and app inventory and because it seamlessly integrates with the other Nexage products we use to manage our mobile ad business.”

As mobile ad inventory increases, real-time bidding methods are becoming much more popular.  Nexage says its current infrastructure can scale to support 1000s of bidders and 10s of billions of mobile web and application impressions.  It’s hosted on Nexage’s core platform, which the company said recently passed the one-year/100% up-time milestone, and is “specifically architected for scalability and reliability.”