Nexage Introduces Mobile Advertising’s First Private Exchange

On Wednesday, the team at Nexage – an industry leading mobile advertising exchange – announced the launch of “mobile advertising’s first private exchange.”

The goal, according to Nexage, is “to enable premium publishers and developers to only sell to those buyers that represent brands and campaigns that best fit their business.”

The company claims that its new private exchange will help premium publishers and developers avoid channel conflict while driving a cohesive and productive integrated sales channel inclusive of their direct sales force.

“And by tapping into the Nexage Exchange, they are able to accelerate revenue performance, protect price, and ensure brand safety – all while taking advantage of the extraordinary efficiency and liquidity of programmatic markets,” Nexage says.

Nexage’s private exchange is built upon the Nexage Exchange, mobile advertising’s most advanced and complete integrated RTB and mediation platform. Nexage’s private exchange leverages key innovations of the platform, including dynamic price floors that enable sellers to continually optimize revenue performance, and one-click ad screening that enables sellers to identify and block ads, in real-time, to manage brand safety and alignment.

“The launch of our private exchange is critical to our customers and an important achievement in the maturation and scaling of the mobile advertising market,” says Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. “Nexage’s private exchange gives our premium publisher and developer customers the ability to seize on the efficiencies and liquidity of the market, while controlling their operations in a way that best suits their needs. Mobile advertising is growing—and growing up fast—and we are proud to be taking the lead in launching the market’s first mobile private exchange. We will continue to innovate and drive this market forward. Stay tuned.”

The Nexage Exchange presently supports over 12 billion monthly impressions and creates liquidity for more than 200 publishers and developers and 125 demand sources.