NewsCred Unveils The Content Marketing Maturity Index

NewsCred, a global powerhouse in enterprise content marketing, has just announced the launch of The Content Marketing Maturity Index (CMMI) to help brands assess their content marketing and improve strategy.

“Following a brief 14 question assessment, NewsCred now provides marketers with tailored recommendations to enhance their content strategy,” the official word provided to MMW reads. “Of the beta customers utilizing CMMI, 35 percent have seen an improvement in Content Marketing Maturity within one month.”

With CMMI, a leading multinational enterprise management consulting firm, and beta customer, was able to quickly identify significant gaps in its content strategy. Based on leading indicators such as distribution plans and retargeting strategies to accurately predict and influence future outcomes, this customer improved its site traffic by more than 300 percent, its newsletter subscriber-base increased by over 90 percent, and improved its lead conversion rate by over 1,000 percent.

“We’re in the performance era of content marketing, yet there is a disconnect between the increasing maturity of the industry and the goals of marketing teams. Marketers are too often reactive, basing decisions on lagging indicators such as pageviews,” said Shafqat Islam, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, NewsCred. “With NewsCred’s insights-driven product roadmap, we’re focused on providing marketers with an unbiased view into individual content marketing strategies so brands can use leading indicators to maximize their content marketing efforts.”

To learn more about The Content Marketing Maturity Index, click here.