News in TV Marketing: Rovi’s Predictive Analytics Platform Powers Audience Targeting for A&E Networks

News in TV Marketing Rovi’s Predictive Analytics Platform Powers Audience Targeting for A&E NetworksWhat’s new in targeting for TV?

Well, Rovi Corporation is on the move. It has just announced that A+E Networks has selected its “Rovi Ad Optimizer” to enable “data-driven audience selling to help improve advertiser performance by more efficiently reaching their target audiences.”

The objective? Offering advertisers more precise data-driven audience targeting.

“Rovi’s Ad Optimizer offers advanced campaign management and media planning functionality to help programmers build and execute audience-based data-driven media plans utilizing available datasets and the Rovi analytics engine,” according to a news release. “Ad Optimizer can process viewing data from set-top boxes, panel sources such as Nielsen and Rentrak, as well as from multiple third-party consumer data sources.”

The company says these insights can be leveraged to not only forecast, butprovide deeper insights into audience profiles that can help expeditiously identify target audiences across inventory.

“Rovi’s analytics platform will allow us to offer our advertising customers similar levels of data-driven audience targeting that they’ve become accustomed to with digital media,” said Mel Berning, president, chief revenue officer, A+E Networks. “We are excited to leverage the power of the Rovi Ad Optimizer because it allows us to manage our inventory more effectively, which will further differentiate A+E Networks in our ability to deliver even more value to our advertisers.”

Though mobile is the talk of the industry, valuable television audiences still exist, says Rovi general manager for analytics at Rovi John Hoctor.

“Television programming continues to attract extremely engaged and valuable audiences,” said Hoctor. “Working with A+E Networks and Horizon Media reflects our commitment to addressing the challenges faced by multi-platform media companies and media services agencies in identifying specialized audience segments, and forecasting and targeting viewership. Rovi remains committed to driving leadership in delivering actionable analytics insights across the entire media landscape.”

The Ad Optimizer provides an “optional API for programmatic exchange. It delivers full control of the available inventory, yield management, dynamic pricing configuration based on audience demand, as well as the review, acceptance and execution of programmatic orders.”