Newest Version of Appian Platform Speeds Up Digital Transformation

telephone-586266_960_720This week at the Appian World 2016 conference, Appian unveiled the latest version of its BPM and Case Management platform.

The new release helps businesses “accelerate their digital transformation efforts with powerful new design capabilities, as well as other platform-wide enhancements.”

Appian’s CEO, Matt Calkins announced the latest version of Appian, featuring the new Appian Quick Apps capability, to Appian World attendees.

With Appian’s revolutionary new Quick Apps feature, citizen developers can create fully functional applications in 15 minutes or less with no technical knowledge. The Quick Apps Designer simply prompts users for the key points of their application. Then, all necessary data, forms and processes are auto-generated, resulting in a fully functional Quick App. The app may be used as-is to support dynamic, data-centric work, ideal for case management solutions.

Quick Apps are automatically supported on leading devices, from desktop web browsers to mobile devices, without additional effort.

Additionally, they provide the basis for full designers to expand the application with more advanced functionality, such as dynamic rules, automated process decisioning, and system integrations.

“Appian is all about uniting people, processes and data to create powerful tools that can transform a business,” said Malcolm Ross, Vice President of Product at Appian. “The latest version of The Appian Platform is a true milestone in our effort to provide fast, powerful and simple technology for our customers. Quick Apps is a game-changer for business app creation.”