New York Times Launches BlackBerry 10 App

The New York Times is wasting no time in getting behind the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone platform.

Understanding the integral role of mobile in sustaining its global readership, the New York Times has now made its app available across iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

Shortly after the new devices were formally unveiled yesterday, The New York Times confirmed that its news application for BlackBerry 10 was ready to launch. As expected, the app delivers the latest news from the venerable paper but designed and formatted specifically for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

In-app authentication is available for current subscribers, as is the option to  purchase digital subscriptions within the app. Non-subscribers can only access the Top News section for free.

As MMW reported yesterday, BlackBerry’s stock initially fell 12 percent after BB10’s unveiling, mostly over concerns that the devices won’t be sufficient to turn around the struggling smartphone empire’s fortunes.

Others fear that the protracted delay between BlackBerry 10’s announcement and its still unspecified sale dates in the U.S. could impact potential buyer enthusiasm.