New York Times Gets a Vook Deal

Vook – a three years old company behind an innovative technology platform that lets content holders create, publish, and sell their materials – is now in business with the New York Times.

Vook confirmed Friday that it is working with the venerable publication to launch its TimesFiles ebook publishing program. The first 25 TimesFiles ebooks will be available for purchase next Monday, December 17.

Vook’s ebook creator network of VookMakers are using its technology platform to power the TimesFiles ebook program, providing services including the creation of ebooks for multiple devices, device consistent styling, distribution and sales reporting.

“TimesFiles are curated selections of articles from The New York Times archives, assembled into compelling narratives about a particular topic or event,” today’s announcement read.

“Launching 25 titles with The New York Times is a great demonstration of our capability, and an indicator of the opportunity for organizations outside of traditional publishing to enter the new world of digital books,” says Matthew Cavnar, VP of Business Development at Vook.