New Wix App Provides a ‘Powerful Mobile Operating System’ for Small Business Ltd., a leading cloud-based web development platform, announced Friday the launch of Wix App for iOS and Android.

Wix App, we’re told, lets users fully manage their websites and Wix operating systems on the go, wherever they are, in order to run their businesses in real time.

The app reflects customer demand for robust mobile functionality and positions Wix as one of the leading providers of OS solutions for small business around the world.

Wix App is part of the larger Wix OS solution which enables users to create, manage and market their businesses anytime and anywhere. Wix App is an interface that streamlines the day-to-day mobile management that businesses need to operate ecommerce, marketing, customer service and communications with global customers and visitors.

“Our new Wix App is a gateway to our extremely powerful and robust operating system. Business owners and bloggers who pride themselves on their stunning websites will never miss a beat. Whenever there is an important activity — a purchase, booking, inventory demand, blog subscriber, or an update to the Wix platform, Wix users will receive a notification on their mobile device. As our users continue to create stunning websites, it is our mission to make designing, managing the operating system, and marketing their businesses as simple as possible,” said Adi Zelner, Head of Wix App at “Approximately half of our company is focused on research, development and design, and committed to continually delivering the most powerful tools for our 92 million global users.”

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