New White Paper Explains All About Short Codes

mobileStorm Inc., the company that provides email, SMS, and other messaging solutions, has put out a new white paper that explains all the ins and outs of short codes. You know, those numbers to which you text a keyword if you want information about a brand, or to vote for your favorite TV show contestant.

Called “The Ultimate Guide To Common Short Codes,”┬áthe mobileStorm white paper explains why this type of marketing is so important, countering skepticism against mobile marketing that still persists. Basically, if you want to stay relevant, you need to implement text message campaigns–and short codes are an indispensable part of text message marketing.

The paper gives an in-depth heads-up as to the process of obtaining a short code, and also offers the pros and cons of shared and dedicated codes. (The latter is akin to a vanity license plate, often spelling out a word and used only by one company.)

It looks to be especially useful for mobile marketing newcomers, but veterans might also learn something new.

Download “The Ultimate Guide To Common Short Codes” here.