New Vivaldi Report Explores the 'Always-On Consumer'

New Vivaldi Report Explores the 'Always-On Consumer'A fascinating new report from Vivaldi Partners sets out to explain the phenomenon of the “Always-On Consumer,” which focuses on an emerging and new consumer: the always-on, always-present, and always-connected consumer who Vivaldi simply refers to the Always-On Consumer (or AOC).

Vivaldi’s new report provides an in-depth look at what motivates this consumer to connect with brands and businesses in today’s social and digital world. The report also explores the impact this powerful new consumer will have on marketing campaigns, technology innovation and building of strong brands.

“In our research,” the report reads, “we found consumers that we call the Always-On Consumers: they use three connected devices everyday, get online multiple times a day and do so from at least three different locations. Our study shows that 48% of consumers today are Always-On Consumers.”
So just how obsessed with staying connected are most consumers today?

In a survey by a major global consulting firm, the report notes, about 7% of U.S. consumers said they would forgo showering for a year to maintain Internet access, 21% said they would give up sex, and 73% said they would sacrifice alcohol.

To learn more about the “Always-On-Customer,” click here to check out the new report.