New Survey Reveals Consumer Concerns About the Cloud

New Survey Reveals Consumer Concerns About the CloudRadware, a provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, has just released a report entitled Mobile Application Security: Consumer Perspectives and Organizational Implications.

Radware commissioned Harris Poll to conduct the survey online among more than 2,000 U.S. adult consumers.

The survey was designed to gauge opinions on cloud-based apps and services and their usage.

Consumers often don’t realize that the applications they depend upon daily live in the cloud and therefore many may be unaware of the threat of breach to their personal data. Over two-thirds (67%) of Americans say they don’t currently use cloud-based applications. Meanwhile, cloud-based mobile apps continue to grow in popularity.

While 87% of consumers say they believe cloud applications could be hacked; 58% of cloud-based app/service users say they are worried about the security of their personal data should the service get hacked.

“Data breaches and hacks are not only on the rise, they are becoming commonplace,” says Ben Desjardins, Director of Security Solutions Marketing at Radware. “At the same time, cloud-based apps are booming, offering convenient ways to expedite and simplify daily needs from ordering a meal to requesting a car with the tap of a finger. Consumers by and large don’t understand the cloud-based nature of what’s behind the tap, and so companies trying to engage with customers through these apps will bear the burden of education and remediation in the event of a data breach.”