New Survey of Global Marketing Leaders Reveals Thoughts About the Future of Marketing

Consumers today want to associate more with the brand than with other less interesting elements of a company and the consumer controls their individual brand experience like never before.

That’s according to the key findings of a major global survey of marketing leaders on the Future of Marketing.

Published ahead of the weekend, the research was conducted by Forbes Insights in association with Aprimo, a leading global provider of marketing operations software.

The important takeaways? The research indicates that while there is still considerable room for improvement, organizations of all sizes and scales in many geographic territories are trending toward adopting more agile marketing processes to meet, respond to and exceed customer expectations.

In a digital first world, the survey highlights a challenging marketing resource environment within many organizations where technology resources are constrained or totally absent, instead relying on traditional marketing practices. Some 74% of respondents cite ‘agility of marketing operations’ as a key marketing challenge. 45% of survey respondents identify ‘technology’ as the most critical factor contributing to the success of their organization’s agile marketing efforts, while 33% report that ‘process/organization’ is the most critical factor. 43% of those surveyed are actively exploring ways to implement marketing workflow management.

“Our research indicates that to enable agile marketing, steps must be taken to ensure that process and measurement are enabled,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer at Forbes. “The best way to achieve this is to implement the right kind of agile technology that supports on-going consumer examination and education – a platform that recognizes and builds on past successes to create future wins.”

To download a full report on the research findings, click here.