New Study Shows That 59% of Shoppers Have ‘A Lot of Cheer’ This Holiday Shopping Season

rewardloyalty-1600x865ChargeItSpot, a provider of cell phone charging stations for major retailers, events, and other indoor public venues, has just announced the results of its first-annual “Retail Holiday Shopping Report.”

The study looked at cheer – defined as how happy one was at the time of the survey – and shopping behavior among thousands of in-store holiday shoppers.

For the study – which took place between November 24th and December 7th – nearly 4,000 shoppers were polled via ChargeItSpot kiosks at 22 malls across the country.

The report’s findings indicate that 59% of shoppers said they had “a lot of cheer” this holiday shopping season. Meanwhile, 30% (27%) of shoppers claimed to have “little” to “no cheer.” Fourteen percent had “some cheer.”

“The cheer quotient this holiday season is fairly strong,” said Douglas Baldasare, CEO and founder of ChargeItSpot. “But it could certainly be stronger. It does seem that the numbers are trending upward, however, as the month progresses and we get closer to the holidays.”

To learn more about ChargeItSpot and its study, click here.