New Study Shows Millennials, Affluent Consumers Seek Brand Connection Post-Purchase

Want do consumers want from a brand right after make a purchase? Mobile contact with the brand in question.

A new study commissioned by Registria — the findings of which were shared with MMW today — shows that younger and more affluent consumers would prefer to connect with brands through their mobile device after purchasing a new product.

According to the study, 47 percent of consumers aged 18-34, and 47 percent of consumers who make $100,000 and above say they would like to receive product setup instructions, tips, and service and warranty information directly to their mobile device over receiving email or paper literature.

The freshly published study also found that 35 percent of all consumers would prefer this method of receiving information post-purchase.

Product registration has been the main vehicle for durable consumer brands to identify and understand their consumers. However, the traditional process of filling out paper or online registration information can be a barrier.

“Consumers want to connect with the brands they buy. Their reasons for wanting to do so not only provide value to them as customers, but they are also significant revenue-generators for manufacturers,” said Chris McDonald, CEO of Registria. “The process of product registration has evolved over the past 40 years, and mobile technology makes it even easier for brands to use product registration as an engaging way to onboard customers.”