New Study Reveals Discrepancies in Demographic Data Across Ad Exchanges

Pinsight Media, a leading provider of insights derived from network-level first-party mobile data, has just released a white paper titled ‘Guess My Age: Age Discrepancies Across Ad Exchanges.’

According to a briefing provided to MMW, the report tested the accuracy of age information passed on mobile ad exchanges to deliver targeted advertising to consumers.

We’re told that the study compared age information submitted within an ad request across two high-traffic mobile ad exchanges with ages drawn from verified, first-party data.

As a result, significant variances in age were uncovered. In fact, more than 72 percent of ad requests made on an exchange omitted an associated age, and where it was included, more than 60 percent were inaccurate.

“We had strong suspicions about the general accuracy of demographic data, but these results were a surprise even to us,” said Matt Habiger, Chief Data Scientist at Pinsight Media. “Inaccuracies in simple demographic data like age build upon one another, resulting in inefficient ad spend, limited reach and increased waste, which is a concern for the mobile RTB ecosystem.”

For more information or to download a full copy of the report, click here.