New Study Probes the Priorities and Challenges Facing Digital Publishers week, our friends at Mixpo released their latest report, The State of Digital Advertising for Publishers.

Through a combination of interviews and survey data, the report reveals new findings on the priorities and challenges facing digital publishers. The report highlights the top ten trends that emerged from the research and provides insights on how publishers think about, and can tackle, the most pressing issues in digital advertising.

“We created this report to get a holistic perspective on the publisher’s digital reality. Publishers are up against many challenges—Facebook battles to replace them as the daily homepage for information, mobile consumption is disrupting ad formats and inventory volume, and campaign execution has become even more complex,” says Kyoo Kim, chief revenue officer at Mixpo. “Our research found, however, that as digital advertising matures publishers are beginning to operationalize in a much more thoughtful way, which allows them to realize more stable revenue opportunities.”

The report reinforces big opportunities in video and programmatic, with new insights and dives deep into major publisher concerns about mobile, attribution and measurement, and social. Facebook, in particular, is a pressing topic, magnified by the social giant’s most recent algorithm change that caused publisher referral traffic to drop. Specifically, the report found that publishers are wary of becoming dependent on third-party platforms that define how their content is monetized.

The report also reveals the tactics being used by publishers to manage and grow within an ever-changing digital environment.

All told, there’s much to review. And the inquiring mind will want to do exactly that. To learn more, the full report is available now for download here.