New Study Highlights The Need for Digital Transformation

Professionals across industries recognize the need for digital transformation and understand how inefficiencies in their digital strategy directly impact their user experience. But gaps in organizational and technical infrastructure make it difficult for businesses to adequately address user needs across all digital channels.

That’s per the findings of an insightful new report, the findings of which were shared this week with MMW.

The Executing Digital Transformation study, conducted by PointSource, reveals that most organizations are already aware of their shortcomings.

According to the report summary, after surveying 300 decision makers in marketing, IT and operations, results indicate that businesses are struggling to make decisions with end users in mind in the key areas of direction, technology, experience and culture.

In fact, 42 percent of respondents say their organization’s digital strategy lacks clearly defined business objectives with measurable key performance indicators (KPIs), and nearly half (48 percent) report that their organization’s digital strategy does not provide a clear understanding of audiences.

“The Executing Digital Transformation study provides a much-needed 360-degree perspective of digital transformation for industry decision makers, addressing the four key areas — direction, experience, culture and technology — and how they work together to create a solid organizational framework,” says Gregory Ng, VP of Digital Engagement. “It’s within that structure that organizations are able to adapt and truly meet users’ needs across a variety of channels and devices. But we found that for many, the path to get there feels overwhelming. The findings from the study provide practical insights that help organizations take the first steps to pursue a successful digital transformation and overcome common internal roadblocks.”

To download the review the full report, click here.