New Study Finds ‘Rule of Three’ Most Effective in Reaching Physicians with Pharma Advertising

The rule of three is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to effectively reaching physicians with pharma advertising.

According to leading pharma-focused media company, SSCG Media Group, new insight is being gleaned into the best way to get on the radar of doctors with your advertising.

The organization’s MAP MD survey of physicians regarding their preferences on advertising and other content they access each professional day was released this week.

A key finding, the Rule of Three, is that physicians require three views of a given pharma ad to ensure recall.

Specifically, nearly half (47%) of physicians reported that after seeing a pharma ad an average of three times, they feel aware of the information. Further, after the third view of the same ad regardless of where it is seen, 37 percent would read some of the ad and 13 percent would read the full ad.

It is important to keep in mind that it may take numerous exposures of an ad before a physician actually “views” the ad, validating the need for purchasing multiple impressions based on your brand’s digital media objectives.

“Physicians are driven to engage with information, whether on a dedicated site or advertising message, that will help deliver better outcomes for patients,” said Debbie Renner, President, SSCG Media Group. “As physicians have limited time in their professional day to seek important insights that can impact their clinical decisions, it’s crucial that we consider their distinct media preferences in order to maximize engagement and ultimately address their needs.”

The results further revealed numerous insights with respect to physician preferences regarding digital advertising and other content. To learn more, check out SSCG’s website here.