New Study by Forrester Shows Drastic Room for Improvement in Profiling Mobile Consumers

New Study By Forrester Shows Drastic Room For Improvement For Profiling Mobile ConsumersThere is no doubt about it, we are in the midst of a mobile revolution.

While marketers of all industries understand the need to expand their mobile marketing efforts, a shocking 73% of marketers are still unable to successfully profile their mobile consumer base. This is not because the desire is lacking, but because technology is still lacking.

The recent survey in question was conducted by Forrester and polled more than 400 marketing leaders. The vast majority found issues with modern mobile analytics capabilities. Without comprehensive and accurate analytics, it is not possible for marketers to make informed decisions regarding mobile marketing.

“Mobile data will power all marketing initiatives, across all channels, so smart marketers must get on board with the mobile data gold mine today,” Forrester analyst Thomas Hudson is quoted by The Drum.  “For those brands that cannot get consent for access to customers’ sensor-generated data, they must turn to vendors that are integrating mobile data, or consider working with telecom players anonymizing mobile data.”

An interesting twist when speaking of the success of mobile is that only 59 percent of marketers who have mobile marketing apps feel that they have the consumer data and analytics they desire from their apps.