New Smartphone Case Weaponizes Your iPhone

The iPhone has been so successful that it’s truly shocking to some. But if you thought they were “shocked” before… just wait.

Meet “The Yellow Jacket” – pictured on the right – a creation by a man who was attacked by an intruder in his home and realized he had no access to a weapon in the heat of the potentially deadly encounter. All he had prompt access to was his Apple iPhone – which wasn’t a weapon.

At least, it wasn’t then.

“While he had firearms and a tazer nearby, none of these items were within his grasp, which is what made him think about weaponizing his phone,” reads a published report this week from Red Ferret.

Yellow Jacket is an iPhone case that comes equipped with a 650K volt stun gun, and is also capable of giving your phone an additional 20 hours of battery life.

In other words, this iPhone case will make sure neither you nor your battery dies prematurely. So for $85, The Yellow Jacket can also be yours.

Do you think this is a clever product or a dangerous creation not worth investing in? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.