New Self-Serve Programmatic Advertising Platform Launched for SMBs

This week, district m — a titan in programmatic advertising — launched mypixel, which is touted as being a powerful self-serve retargeting platform designed to help small businesses launch creative ad campaigns.

“We realized there’s a huge gap in programmatic advertising solutions for local businesses and small companies,” Benoit Skinazi, district m’s SVP of Sales and mypixel’s Project Lead, is quoted in a statement emailed to MMW. “With mypixel, we are excited to offer all businesses the ability to create professional and sophisticated campaigns regardless of their size, budget or experience level.”

“The digital market is as critical to independent businesses as it is for large global enterprises and having a solid online presence will help SMBs stay competitive,” says Adrian Pike, district m’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Up until recently, you would need a serious level of experience and money to successfully execute programmatic campaigns. With mypixel, we want to level the playing field for small businesses and give them access to similar advertising opportunities as bigger companies.”

Globally, digital advertising spending which includes desktops, mobile devices and tablets, is expected to reach $269.85 billion in 2018 and climb to $335.5 billion by 2020.

Designed specifically for businesses who do not have the time, resources or experience to invest heavily in digital advertising, mypixel offers what we’re told is “an integrated ad builder as well as clear and easy-to-understand targeting options to help small business owners launch their campaigns effortlessly.”

Lastly, the platform is also equipped with an extensive reporting suite to enable users to track their campaign’s performance.

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