New Report Highlights How Hispanics Use Smartphones in Retail

In what’s being called a groundbreaking new study to examine how smartphones are used within the Hispanic community, cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis and digital agency White Horse have uncovered some fascinating insights that were first shared with the public on Thursday.

The results of the first phase of this study are being revealed this week at Hispanicize 2012.

“Hispanics rarely, if ever shop alone,” Sensis President José Villa said ahead of the report’s publication. “They also over-index in their use of social media and the Web, and much of that usage is through smartphones. This gives retailers an opportunity to craft unique experiences for their Hispanic customers. Hispanicize 2012 is the perfect place to share what we learned with our partners at White Horse.”

If you’re not familiar with the occasion, Hispanicize 2012 is the latest in a series of annual events for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, marketing, entertainment and innovation.

“The Hispanic market is significant, and since Hispanics are more likely to access the mobile Web than are general market mobile consumers, the opportunity for retail marketers is huge,” White Horse Principal Jennifer Modarelli said. “Our report is designed to help those marketers more fully serve this audience by adapting mobile experiences to their in-store social shopping behavior.”

“Hispanic In-Store Mobile Experience: Social Shopping,” which includes statistics, insight, and marketing recommendations, is available now at