New Report Shows How Google Makes Money from Mobile

A new report from Larry Kim at WordStream is probing how Google makes money in mobile.

“The mobile search market is experiencing out-of-control growth,” Kim writes. “Mobile searches have increased 200% year over year in 2012, and it’s predicted that within the next year, mobile will become the primary way people access Google’s services. But despite early reports, Google isn’t doomed from a sudden shift to mobile.”

Far from it – the opposite in fact! Google has managed to transform itself into a “mobile first” company. Currently, the majority of Google’s $8B run-rate mobile revenue derives from advertising (excluding Motorola). That’s why the company is totally restructuring the way its pay-per-click advertising platform, AdWords, works – Google wants more businesses advertising on mobile, so it’s making mobile PPC radically simpler with the introduction of enhanced campaigns, as well as new mobile conversion types, offer extensions and a mobile app ad type, all specifically created to address mobile-centric use cases.

The latest research conducted by WordStream has led to their creation of a pretty eye-opening infographic (see below) that highlights how Google monetizes all that is mobile.

To check out full report from WordStream, click here.