New Report Says 2 Percent of Emails Now Generate 10 Percent of Email-Driven Revenue

ultimate_triggered_campaigns_landing_resized_2Hang on to your hats for some eye-opening email data.

Despite accounting for only 2 percent of all emails sent, triggered messages generated 10.2 percent of email-driven revenue and 9.7 percent of email-driven orders.

That’s the key finding shared with MMW from the new Ultimate Email Triggered Campaign Report: 12 Triggers That Boost Revenue published by Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

To determine how triggered campaigns perform, Yes Lifecycle Marketing collected data from 24 billion emails deployed in 2015 using its cross-channel marketing and analytics platform, Yesmail360. It then evaluated the performance of 12 different types of triggered campaigns by analyzing open rates, conversions, revenue, and more.

The open rate of triggered campaigns is double that of business-as-usual (BAU) emails, indicating that marketers are missing an opportunity for customer engagement. Triggered campaigns also generated 4.4 percent of all email opens and 9.0 percent of all unique clicks.

“As email volume continues to increase, it becomes more and more difficult for marketers to stand out from the noise and effectively engage consumers,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “Triggered campaigns tackle this challenge head on. They are relevant, timely and demonstrate interest in consumers’ actions. In addition, they are designed to elicit an immediate response, which is a crucial step in the path to conversion.”

To learn more, download the full Triggered Campaign Report here.